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COA Held Activities of Marking the


      Minister Chen, Council of Agriculture (COA), who has been attaching great importance to the development of Taiwan ’s flowers industry, held a promotional activity for flowers sale in front of the Taipei City Government building, on June 28. He expressed the Government’s support for flower industry development and encouraged people to spend more on flowers , to help the flower producer so as to build Taiwan into a “world–class flower island.”

      The promotional activity began to introduce by a prelude , after Minister Chen, who transforms into a floral magician, has completed his flower arrangement work. While addressing for the opening ceremony, he stated that the flower is the most beautiful industry of Taiwan . Flowers can beautify one’s life and family, by decorating the office and the surrounding environment with such natural artwork as flowers and potted plants, so it becomes comfortable, delightful and can improve work efficiency. Minister Chen also mentioned the creation of his new poetry, "a flower on the dining table", which describes a small flower on the dining table in a friend's house made him, as a guest, feel beautiful atmosphere besides delicious dishes, and memorable day of his life. In addition, a story wa s about while he was visiting Cha-shan Village in Mt. Alishan , the Tsou tribe aborigines removed the concrete floor in the garden, to plant flowers and trees instead and to create a beautiful community with the natural ecology . Minister Chen called on everyone, starting with the dining table and garden, to bring flowers into the daily life, and thus people will obtain the habit of admiring flowers, loving flowers and buying flowers which are essential to develop the flowers industry.

      Minister Chen also stressed that each Taiwan consumer spent on flowers just a little more than 100 NT dollars per year, compared to 700 NT dollars for a European or an American and 1,200 NT dollars for a Japanese, the domestic flower market still has lots of potential for growth. As to the export of flower seedlings, it is also the vital link to promote Taiwan for becoming a world-class flower island . T he COA was to scheme out multiple marketing programs for strengthening the global market.

      The COA planned to h o ld sequentially the " national communities flower arts contest " in the second half of 2008, starting from communi ties, to enhance the flower industry and promote rura l area rejuvenation, so that people " s pend a full day good with flowers " and build Taiwan into the most beautiful world-class flower island.