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The “Bright 100” Centennial Feast 2011 Taipei International Food Show – Taiwan Pavilion Inaugurates with Grand Opening


The Taiwan Pavilion in the 2011 Taipei International Food Show was inaugurated with a grand opening on June 22. In line with the 100th founding anniversary of the Republic of China and “the gourmet Taiwan international action program” in the Executive Yuan’s 10 major service industries, the Taiwan Pavilion with the theme “Bright 100”introduced Taiwan’s quality agricultural products in the cuisine to foreign buyers and domestic consumers, hoping to create more business opportunities for Taiwan farmers.

COA Actively Helps Promote International Farm Produce Market with Brisk Export Performance

COA Vice Minister Huang Yu-tsai emphasized that to assist Taiwanagricultural products in further penetrating the international market, the Council has strengthened implementing the program of expanding the global market for agricultural products to enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan agricultural products since 2010. With great efforts, Taiwan agricultural products have been developed towards the direction of refining itself and had brisk export performance in recent years, with export value reaching US$3.985 billion in 2010, a 24.2% growth over the previous year.

Taiwan Pavilion Increases Procurement Matching Opportunities through Various Activities

The Taiwan Pavilion made the arrangements of recommending quality agricultural products on the Professional Buyers Day this year, hoping to increase procurement matching opportunities by creating a friendly and convenient environment for exchanges, while inviting well-known gourmet chefs to use Taiwan agricultural raw materials to design exclusive dishes for visitors to taste on the General Public Day.

In order to grasp the rare opportunity to communicate with potential buyers, the COA arranged a welcome party for them on June 22 and invited some 100 local and foreign buyers to taste various delicious dishes using high-quality Taiwan agricultural products as ingredients in line with the theme “Bright 100.”

By way of international cooperation and experiencing the real taste of the products on-the-spot to promote the market, the Taiwan Pavilion enabled all foreign buyers and consumers to personally taste Taiwan ’s quality agriculture during the 2011 Taipei International Food Show. (2011-06-22 )