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Vice President Wu Den-yih Delivered a Speech at the 2013 Joint Annual Conference of Agricultural Workers Organizations on Dec. 6, 2013


25 agricultural organizations participated in 2013 National Annual Conference of Agricultural Organizations at the National Chung Hsing University on Dec. 6. Accompanied by Minister of the Council of Agriculture Chen, Bao-ji, Vice President Wu, Den-yih attended the conference and delivered the opening remarks as well as commended 23 outstanding agricultural workers recommended by these groups. He praised their life-long devotion to their work which greatly contributed to Taiwan's agricultural achievement.

The vice president pointed out that the free economic pilot zones and food safety are two major issues and challenges that the government as well as the agricultural workers have to face in the near future. He acknowledged the efforts made by COA minister Chen, Bao-ji's team to safeguard the safety of food in Taiwan. Also, he expressed his expectation towards the team to set up an agricultural new value chain with innovation, and offer assistance to industries with high export potential such as aquarium fish, tea, animal vaccine, and seedling in order to become the role model in newly established free economic pilot zones.

Regarding the deeply concerned issue of food safety in the country, the vice president instructed that the relevant departments should review and investigate previous approaches while making necessary improvements efficiently. He urged the agricultural researchers to help improve public health with scientific researches, for when food safety issues arise, there would be sufficient agricultural know-how to cope with the challenge.

Minister Chen, Bao-ji pointed out that through added value and integration of different fields, the value chain model enables agriculture to break free from the traditionally disadvantage to create more business marketing advantages. He stressed that the world today faces the challenge of climate change, how to feed the world population and provide sufficient healthy, safe food for everyone to live a pleasant lifestyle becomes the crucial task of the COA.

The seminar's feature theme this year was Creating New Agricultural Value Chain. The president of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, David S Hong, was invited to introduce the new thinking of agricultural development with his speech entitled: "Agricultural Development Strategy from the Perspective of Three Industries Four Reforms (3I4R) Policy". Moreover, the former marketing and business executive officer for Zespri, Chen Yu-ran, shared successful examples of kiwi marketing experiences with his presentation: "Global Strategies and Innovative Marketing of Agricultural Products". The seminar received positive feedbacks from the participants for its program and organization.

In addition to the 23 outstanding agricultural workers commended by the vice president, the minister handed out the Agricultural Association of Taiwan's various awards to those who made distinguished academic and industrial contribution to agriculture. As for the Organization of the Year's Award, it went to Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station. Professor Tsai Hsin-sheng from Chaoyang University of Technology, who set up and donated funds for the scholarship program benefiting agricultural students, received the certificate of appreciation for his contribution.