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Taiwan Leads in Asian Agricultural Technology


  The “2018 Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum (AAT),” held by UBM Asia, one of the largest trade show organizers in Asia, took place at the Taipei World Trade Center from July 26 to 28 this year. It attracted 210 exhibitors from 19 countries and numerous visitors from 34 countries. With the three major themes of innovative technology, friendly environment and sustainable development, AAT is expectedly established as a professional trading platform for agricultural industrial chain, making Taiwan a significant hub of agricultural technology in the Asia Pacific region. As AAT’s co-organizer, the Council of Agriculture (COA) set up the “Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion,” for the purpose of actively marketing the results of Taiwan agricultural technology. In line with the government’s new southbound policy of regional agricultural development, the COA strives to explore new southbound markets and increase more opportunities for exporting agricultural materials.

Public-Private Partnership boosts business opportunities

  The COA noted that 2017 AAT was held for the first time by UBM Asia last year. The council invited its member companies with R&D results and technology transfer to participate in “Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion,” attracting 17 foreign companies to discuss collaboration on-site and have successfully signed Six international cooperation orders valued at NT$16.95 million.. Moreover, the following market demands have even resulted in relevant investment and potential business opportunities.

Agricultural Innovation Shines Globally

  The COA keeps assisting Taiwan outstanding agricultural technologies and products into the international market and marketing those with global potential. It aims to help them acquire orders from domestic and foreign buyers. The following is a list of potential exhibits:

  1. The “Intelligent Automatic Environment Control  poultry house and Monitoring Control Management System”: The COA subsidizes Yuan Jin Chuang company to build up this system, in which various sensors automatically detect poultry houses. When abnormalities occur, devices would automatically start to adjust and send out alarm notification.
  2. The “Crab Castle/ Crab Independent Box Culture System”: COA’s Fisheries Research Institute transfers the sophisticated water purification system to Aquazoo company, which has an automatic cleaning device that maintains good water quality. Crabs can be independently bred, growing well with good quality.
  3. The “Bamboo Essence Series”: The COA transfers the technology to  New Chem. & Pharm. Co. Ltd. that uses a multiple pressing technology to extract effective ingredients from bamboo leaves for making this cosmetics product. It has advantages of anti-free radical and anti-oxidation (AOB).
  4. The “phosphate solubilizing microbial fertilizer-Neo-BioGuard”: COA’s Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station transfers the technology to Global Ecosys Co. Ltd. With it, the company manufactures local safe multi-functional probiotics that can dissolve soil’s fixed phosphate fertilizer for activation and reuse, so as to replace and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
  5. The “ Fermented Feed Additives”: COA’s Agricultural Technology Research Institute transfers the technology to Life Rainbow Biotech  Co. Ltd.that extracts caterpillar fungus to make the natural feed additive. It can improve sows’ immune function after sickness, and ameliorate sows’ productive performance and survival rate of piglets.

  This year, COA’s “Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion” focuses on the themes of agriculture, fishery and livestock industries, exhibiting 30 innovations and products in agricultural science and technology. The COA invites those companies receiving technologies to participate together, with an aim to business matchmaking outcomes. Meanwhile, the COA set up the “Taiwan Seedling Hall,” gathering domestic companies to exhibit quality seeds and seedlings and pomote Taiwan seedling industry. The COA expects to utilize public and private partnership for promoting innovative products and technologies particularly full of international potential. The ultimate goal is to increase production value and export opportunities for Taiwan agricultural S&T industry.

VIPs take a group photo.  

COA Deputy Minister Mr. Lee Tui-chih visits the show.