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Council of Agriculture holds “Forum on Export Platform for Taiwan Guavas,” taking first major steps towards exporting guavas to the US


The sanitary and phytosanitary regulations for the export of guava from Taiwan to the United States officially took effect on October 17 (US Eastern time). After efforts over the last ten years to review documentary information, do in situ verifications, and hold numerous consultations, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has finally broken through the barrier of US sanitary and phytosanitary rules, making Taiwan the first country in Asia to export guava fruit to the US.

The COA states that in 2018 Taiwan exported 2,840 metric tons of guavas, worth NT$153 million. The five major export markets were Canada (55%), mainland China (22%), Hong Kong (17%), Singapore (5%), and Malaysia (1%). These figures show that measures taken by the COA to construct an export platform for agricultural products and consolidate traditional markets while developing new markets in Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia have already produced concrete successes.

To facilitate the export of guava to the US, today (November 6), the COA held the “Forum on Export Platform for Taiwan Guavas,” in Tainan City. Four issues were discussed, namely global market distribution for guava, guidance for the registration of orchards supplying guavas for export, pesticide standards, and sanitary and phytosanitary measures. Detailed presentations were made on these issues by, respectively, the COA’s Department of International Affairs, the Agriculture and Food Agency, the Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, and the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. Moreover, these agencies—along with local governments, farmers, and businesses—discussed problems that might be encountered in exporting guavas to the US, and everyone worked together to devise relevant responses and solutions.

The COA states that, in order to assist in the export of guavas to the US, its relevant agencies will implement measures such as the registration of orchards supplying guavas for export, pesticide safety, and guidance for packaging plants. Moreover, the COA will follow up with comprehensive sales promotions for the global market, provision of subsidies for developing overseas markets, and elimination of relevant trade barriers, to make it possible to export safe and nutritious premium-quality Taiwanese guavas around the world.