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The 2019 Agribusiness Science & Technology Innovation Awards Celebrate Taiwan’s Innovative Agriculture


The coveted prestigious Agribusiness Science & Technology Innovation Awards (ASTIA) was set up by the Council of Agriculture (COA) in 2009 to encourage Taiwanese agribusinesses to engage in technological R&D and application, and to commend their achievements in innovative R&D. A total of 19 companies have been nominated for the Innovative R&D and the Technology Application categories. The award ceremony was held on December 20, 2019 at the COA, where the project achievement exhibition was showcased simultaneously.

The COA stated that the award candidate selection process is an important part of the Tech-Agribusiness Global Strategic Expansion Program. In addition to exhibiting the award winning products of the 19 nominees, the award ceremony also showcases the counseling results for 9 other companies. The event also invited past winners to share their success stories and experiences: Yuan Jin Chuang shared innovative poultry farming management and its farm-to-table experience through internet. Hokto Kinoko Company talked about how it became a household name by understanding its products’ characteristics and by building a strong relationship with local partners. Tai-Ling Biotech shared its experiences in stretching its international coverage through strengthening orchid marketing operations. The event’s objective is to inspire more agricultural professionals to improve and expand the overall structure of the industry. The organizers also arranged business meetings matching well-known distributors including Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op, Ichico, Dr. Jiang, MOMO Shop, among others with the program’s participating agribusinesses, thus fostering commercial cooperation between parties.

The highlight of the event is a one-and-only giant Christmas tree made entirely of king oyster mushrooms especially created for the award ceremony courtesy of a company in the program. The venue also displayed an array of products such as greenhouse equipment, orchids, and aquatic animals. The event is a celebration of Taiwan’s agricultural innovation and creativity, as well as COA’s achievements in counseling agribusinesses.