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“Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion” at the “2022 Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum” introduces innovative agricultural technology from Taiwan to the world


The 2022 Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum” was held from November 10 to 12, 2022, in Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. It aimed to serve as a specialized B2B agricultural technology exhibition for global agriculture technologies. To promote the international development aspects of innovative agricultural technology in Taiwan, the Council of Agriculture (COA) set up the “Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion” on the theme of “Leading Taiwan Agriculture to the World.” The COA invited 22 outstanding Taiwan agribusinesses to exhibit high-quality and commercialized technologies, materials, and services. Due to the slowdown of the pandemic, the COA was able to participate in the in-person exhibition. Also, COA set up an online business matchmaking mechanism and invited a wide range of international buyers to engage in commercial negotiations Participation in the Asia-Tech Expo and Forum provided an opportunity to build the international image and brand awareness of Taiwan agricultural technology. And it is expected that this exhibition can enhance the business cooperation and communications between Taiwan technology-based agribusinesses and domestic and overseas buyers.

A group photo of the VIP tour at the Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum.

The COA indicates that items displayed this year were commercialized Taiwanese technologies, materials, and services in the smart agriculture, circular sustainability, and eco-friendly farming fields, as well as outstanding animal and plant varieties developed in Taiwan. There were several highlighted agricultural technologies exhibited in the pavilion. The automated aroma determination system is an application of electronic sensing technology. It can accurately identify the timing for stirring and panning actions in the tea manufacturing process, and enable the creation of a standardization process for manufacturing tea, thereby overcoming obstacles such as the shortage of tea manufacturing experts. The branch shredder is one kind of agricultural machinery that can be used widely for many diverse crops. The shredded matter can be used in circular agriculture while avoiding air pollution and putting the concept of net zero carbon emissions into practice. There is also a biological product with luminescent bacteria, which offers not only an eco-friendly method to prevent spider mites but a new and safe choice for farmers. In addition, industry-leading whole genome technology is being applied to provide comprehensive microbe consulting services for the global farming, fisheries, and animal husbandry industries. Finally, the Pinpu black pig is bred by genetic selection and was the only native pig breed at the venue with unique local characteristics. It is expected that the delicious pork from the Taiwanese black pig can be seen and sold in both domestic and international markets in the future thanks to the demonstration at the Expo.

Deputy Minister Chin-Cheng Huang of the Council of Agriculture visits the Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion.

The COA emphasizes that the Asia-Tech Expo and Forum is a specialized exhibition for agricultural technology. Also, this was the sixth year of Taiwan’s participation since 2017. It was hoped that this Expo would serve as a specialized B2B platform for agricultural technology exchanges and a one-stop purchasing platform. As for the statistics of the post-event achievements of the Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion in 2020 and 2021, agribusinesses had 21 successful cases in which they signed agreements with firms to act as agents or set up overseas offices. Operating revenue raised was NT$12.37 million, and the encouragement of new investments reached NT$21.2 million. Most of the agribusiness participants also expressed significant satisfaction with this Expo which effectively increased their participation in international and professional exhibitions and enhanced the international image of their brands.

A group photo of the opening ceremony at the 2022 Asia Agri-Tech Expo. & Forum.