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I. Mobilization for the restoration of national land

  1. In accordance with the government’s reforestation strategy and action plan, the COA accomplished various tasks in the mountains and coastal areas in 2007. About 250 hectares of illegally occupied forestland were recovered. About 870 hectares of legally rented forestland were reclaimed. Patrol over forests was increased and eight watchtowers at important mountain entries and exits installed. Also, the COA trained 122 military-age youths for ecological protection service and recruited 234 aboriginal youths under conservation and reclamation projects. National soil reclamation and conservation management practices were localized to meet local needs. About 864 hectares of poor-quality lands were restored. And about 50 hectares of sea water-flooded paddy fields in Kohu Township, Yunlin County, were developed into a wetlands ecological park as a model.  About 30,000 people attended public education activities concerning the protection of wetlands, biodiversity, black-faced spoonbills and other migratory birds. The restored forestlands were reforested to restore the integrity of forest ecology for public good and sustainable management.
  2. In the interests of comprehensive watershed conservation and erosion control, 3,600 hectares of slopeland were surveyed, and 1,382 hectares of overused areas reforested. Other projects in 2007 included formulation of a debris flow warning network, establishment of 36 debris flow refuge and monitoring stations, and restoration of 90 locations that were vulnerable to debris-flow torrents or landslides, totaling 100 hectares.