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IV. Strengthening of slopeland conservation management

The Soil and Water Conservation Act stipulates that any development project on slopeland must include a soil and water conservation plan for approval by the authorized agency, and any violation of this proviso shall be fined from NT$60,000 to NT$300,000, and redressed within a specified time.

To ensure crackdowns on illegal development on slopeland and to facilitate slopeland management, a satellite image monitoring system was used and the Internet and other communication means were used for reporting. In addition, preventive measures were taken, volunteers recruited for the corps of soil and water conservation specialists in various counties and cities, and experts and professionals invited to provide training in soil and water conservation.

In 2007, 1,361 development projects along with soil and water conservation plans involving totaling 1,551 hectares of slopeland were approved, and 2,262 inspections during the construction process carried out. During the year, 1,160 cases of abuse totaling 442 hectares were cracked down on, and fines totaling NT$75.120 million imposed. And 32 cases were referred to judicial authorities for further investigation and prosecution. Also, 2,636 cases of public service completed, and 307 community-based training classes on soil and water conservation conducted. All of these tasks will contribute to better slopeland conservation and utilization.