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Background and Abbreviations

  1. The Yearbook is compiled in accordance with the Statistic Law and its enforcement rules. The Yearbook is completed pursuant to an expansion of Taiwan Food Balance Sheet.
  2. The area covered for information contained in the Yearbook is Taiwan Region (including Taiwan Province, Taipei and Kaohsiung Municipality).
  3. Unless otherwise indicated, the specific reference period shown is from January 1 to December 31 of the current year for the information obtained, processed and analyzed.
  4. There might be some inconsistency in aggregation of detailed numbers and the total in the Yearbook due to the rounding up of the decimal fractions. Figures given in this issue which do not agree with the corresponding figures in the previous are due to authorized corrections made.
  5. The measurement units in the Yearbook are based upon the metric system.
  6. Symbols adopted by the Yearbook are as follows:

    p:stands for the preliminary statistic number

    f:stands for the forecasted number

    r:stands for the revised number

    e:stands for the estimated number

    -:stands for no numeric value available

    …:stands for unclear numeric value or no information available

    0:stands for a numeric value less than half a unit