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Domestic fowl raised for meat in Taiwan are mainly chicken, duck, and goose. The output value of chicken is the second-highest for all agricultural products in the country. There are two types of chickens raised in Taiwan-- egg-laying chickens and meat chickens. The main species of broilers raised in Taiwan are white meat chicken, red feather native chicken, black feather native chicken, and black-bone chicken.

Most chicken farms in Taiwan are located in Changhua, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung counties in the southern part of the country. Chicken is source of protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamin A, C, and E and it is low in saturated fat. Traditionally, native chicken is the ideal source of nutrition and is very highly favored by the local people. Chicken soup made with Chinese herbs is also popular.

Some simple tips on chicken meat :

1.Selecting the meat

When buying chicken in local traditional markets, choose shops that you are familiar with, to ensure food safety. Inspect the chicken well before you buy it. Its skin should be creamy white to deep yellow. The meat should never look gray or pasty. Odors could signal spoilage.

To ensure the safety of the product, consumers are advised to buy chicken products that carry the Council of Agriculture (COA) 's "Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS)" label.

Chicken sold in most supermarkets is subject to government inspection. Look for secure, unbroken packaging, and a "sell-by" date stamp that indicates the expired date the chicken should be sold.

2.Storing chicken

Raw chicken can be stored in its original wrapping for up to two days in the coldest part of the refrigerator. However, freeze the chicken immediately if you do not plan to use it within two days after purchase.