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Duck Meat

The duck farming industry has been developing in Taiwan for more than 300 years. Duck has the largest export volume among fowl products at present in Taiwan. There are two types of ducks raised in Taiwan: egg- laying ducks and meat ducks. The main species of meat duck consumed in Taiwan at present are Muscovy duck, mule duck and Peking duck. Among them, mull duck meat is more solid, chewy, and contains less fat. Muscovy duck's meat, however, is the first choice of duck used when local people make the dish Ginger Duck Stew, one of the most popular wintertime "tonic foods" in Taiwan. Most duck-breeding farms in Taiwan are located in Yilan, Yunlin, Chiayi and Taichung.

Duck has always been considered a valuable food. It contains rich protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, B1, B2 and myoglobin. In particular, it provides more vitamin B1 and B2 than beef, pork and chicken. The meat of duck breasts is tender. Internal organs such as the heart, on the one hand, is a great source of vitamin B group and iron. Other parts, like the liver and duck blood curd are also rich sources of the mineral iron. In addition, duck web has a large amount of protein. Duck meat is tender and juicy with thick texture and it is suggested that duck meat can be cooked with Chinese traditional medicine. Aside from fresh duck products, there are processed products such as smoked duck, salted duck eggs, special preserved duck eggs and roasted duck roulade.

Some simple tips on duck meat :

1.Selecting duck meat

Fresh duck meat has an appealing look as the skin is creamy yellow. Consumers are advised to buy a duck that has plump and tender meat and firm texture. Do not pick duck meat that has an odor, pale or greenish or red skin. To ensure product safety, consumers are advised to buy a duck meat products that carry the COA's "Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS)" or "Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)" label.

2.Storing duck meat

Consumers are recommended to buy the amount of meat worth one meal or two at a time. Duck meat should be washed before being stored in the fridge as soon as you get home. Refrigerate the meat if it will be cooked within two days. Freeze the meat to keep it fresh if it will not be eaten in two days.