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Promoting international marketing of agriproducts

  To expand the international market for agricultural products is one of the directions for agricultural sustainable development in Taiwan. Relevant policies and measures include (1) Promoting integrated value-added development of agricultural industries and developing export-oriented agricultural industry. (2) Developing international brands of agricultural products and enhancing international competitiveness. (3) Expanding overseas marketing channels of agricultural products and developing e-commerce. (4) Strengthening international marketing and striving for international business opportunities.

  The Council of Agriculture (COA) regularly guides to organize missions to participate in important international exhibitions and holds various international marketing campaigns in target overseas markets. Furthermore, the COA is pro-actively building export-oriented production and supply chains and stabilizing the quality and volume of export products. The COA is also actively developing the emerging markets in the Middle East and in “New Southbound Policy” countries, with the aim of avoiding over-reliance on a single market for some agricultural exports and increasing the diversity of marketing channels for Taiwan agricultural products.

  In 2016, the COA guided domestic associations and farmers’ groups to participate in 44 overseas trade fairs, invited overseas traders to visit Taiwan on five occasions, held six events for advertising agriproducts overseas, and set up long-term overseas agriproduct sales centers in two locations, as well as held an operational camp in Japanese market channel. In addition, the COA implemented the project of “Brand Guidance and Management of Exported Agricultural Products” to assist 10 agricultural exporters in improving packaging and setting up brand.

  Taiwan’s agricultural export value in 2016 was US$4.673 billion. The top 5 exported fresh agricultural products in the order of increased value are dolphin fish, pineapple, rice, tea and milkfish, with growth rates respectively of 47.2%, 47.0%, 31.9%, 10.7%, and 14.9%.