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Pomelo (Shaddock, Wentan Pomelo, Pai Pomelo) originally grew in Asia, one of the few fruits that westerns have chance to taste it. Taiwan's pomelo has developed many varieties, such as Shaddock, Wentan Pomelo, Pai Pomelo, etc. Among them, Wentan Pomelo is one of the best in fragrance, juiciness, thinner outer skin, and sugar content. During the Chin Dynasty, the pomelo was dedicated for emperor as a tribute.

Pomelo Pomelo is also a fruit enjoyed during the Chinese Moon Festival. Main production season is between August and October, which coincide with the holiday festivities. Counties in middle and southern part of Taiwan have most favorable weather for cultivating this delicious fruit. Qualities of production, classification, and wrappings are all at impeccable standards with both domestic and international needs. It is especially favored by Asian customers.
Pomelo has very high content of Vitamin C content (8x of apple), minerals, ferment, etc. It has many medication functions such as treatment for lowering cholesterol. Pomelo is a popular fruits for beautification. When selecting a quality pomelo, one should choose which have oily outer skin with light yellowish color. Pomelos can be stored for a long period, from 2-3 months and up at room temperature. If the outer skin becomes drier, the fruit may become more succulent. Dehydrated skins of pomelos can also be burned to deter mosquitoes.