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Taiwan is the world's premier grower of guava and can produce all year round. The nutritional content of the guava is superb, and guava are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Originally Taiwan had a large variety of natural guava, and with the import of foreign guava varieties since 1915, there has been much research and experience in the production of excellent and hardy guava throughout Taiwan.

Guava The guava has a very high crop yields with the peak of production falling between November and February. Taiwan's pomiculture experience with guava involves many varieties, it is most famous for its crisp texture and sweet taste that melts in your mouth also refered to as the full moon”;the pear guava is remarkable for its thick but crispy flesh with flavorful aromas; the white guava with its clear and shiny peel and refreshingly crispy taste; the Thai guava with its lower sugar levels and crisp texture, and in recent years the development of the pearl guava with sweeter and more aromatic fruits and a more supple texture, as well as the thick, crispy Crystal guava, all of which are well received in the marketplace by consumers.

Since the overall taste and aroma of the many guava varieties are excellent, one can say that the guava supply in the marketplace, in response to multivaried consumer demands, is genuinely multivaried. The guava comes in white, red, and yellow flesh. In Taiwan production of the greatest variety, the largest size, and largest volume of fruit belongs to the white flesh varieties which meet consumer preferences in a competitive international fruit marketplace for the juiciest, sweetest, tenderest guava that melts in your mouth.