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Sand Pear

Pear is a winter fruit that requires cold weather to crack the seeds for plantation. Pear plantation is suitable for all soils and needs to be grown in sunny regions. Taiwan, geographically situated in the mid tropics with sunshine all year round, is very favorable for the pear.

Sand Pear Central region of Taiwan is the main production region with an elevation of 1500m above sea level. The region is colder in temperature and has all the criteria for pears to blossom. Species like New Century, Fortune Water, Abundant Water, are breeds that required higher elevation for an optimal harvest. HenShan is the only pear that prospers under 800m elevation. In 1975, it was discovered that by hybridizing the New Century Pear’s flower bud to lower elevation’s HenShan pear resulting in an improved cultivation of older HenShan pears. This special technique is a popular in improving the quality of the pear in Taiwan.

The Taichun County’s JiJye Pear is one of the top production list for pears, it has overcome difficulties in adjusting in lower elevations and has slowly become a major fruit in Taiwan.

Currently, Taiwan 's farming experts are trying to combine high quality pears with pears of warmer weather to produce quality pears that can be planted in lower elevations like the “MinFu” Pear. The pear is one of Taiwan 's most competitive product and under dedication of farming experts are constantly improving through agricultural research and technology.