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Carambola is grown in the tropic and sub-tropic region of the world. Taiwan’s carambola was imported from southeast Asia into China during the Tang Dynasty, and imported into Taiwan during the last 2-3 hundred years. Carambola is star-shaped fruit, and commonly called the star fruit.

Crambola Carambola is rich with multi-vitamins, ethanedioic acid, malic acid, and fructose. Users can slice it and take it with little salt that can cure voice lose and sore throat.

Carambola has many different varieties, for consumption there are two types: Sweet and Sour. Sweet carambola can be eaten directly as fruit, while sour Carambola requires additionally processing for other types of food. Taiwan has developed multiple varieties of carambola: Two Forest, Light Green and Think, Slant Tail, Malay, and TaiFarm #1.

Currently the farming area in Taiwan for carambola is about 2000 acres. The production is ongoing through out the seasons. Due to its fine qualities, international demands heavily reach from Hong Kong to US. Changhua’s carambola fruit garden is also famous among visitors.