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Wax Apple

 Wax apple is the most competitive fruit of Taiwan that is grown throughout the year with excellent quality. Due to Taiwan's climate and geographical location surrounded by sea, sub-tropical region and rich in water resources, all very suitable for the cultivation of the wax apple.

Wax Apple Pingtung's wax apple is the most prized due to its climate and location plus farmer's innovative know how has developed this unique wax apple. The thin skin of wax apple makes it difficult to preserve and keep away from insects, and producing high quality wax apple can be a challenge. However, Taiwan's farming industry has developed a unique technology to produce the world's top Black Pearl Wax Apple.

Taiwan's Wax Apple has a dense body, juicy, crunchy and sweet. In the winter, it is wrapped in paper or plastic to produce the best quality of wax apple. It is one of the rare delicacies in the world. Due to less production in winter, it has become one of the most competitive fruits.
Currently, Taiwan has developed many name brands for wax apple, such as Black Diamond, Southern Beauties, DingFong, FuhwaRosa, Red Beauty, Super Scent, all above name brands to ensure the quality of the fruit.

Wax apple belongs to tropical fruit that is impossible to produce in higher longitude areas. Other tropical nations still lack Taiwan's ability and technology which has enabled Taiwan to develop its advantages in the global market.