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Taiwan Farmers' Associations Donate NT$26 Million to Help Japanese Farmers Affected by Earthquake


A powerful earthquake with a rating of 9.0, which occurred off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshu on March 11, triggered a 10 meter-high tsunami, causing explosions at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and serious leak of radioactive materials and resulting in unprecedented damages to Japan’s Kanto region and many agricultural production areas there. To express its gratitude for Japan ’s relief assistance to Taiwan following the 921 earthquake in 1999, Taiwan Provincial Farmers’ Association raised NT$26,498,382 after calling on local farmers’ associations at all levels to donate enthusiastically based on the humanitarian spirit of mutual assistance. In the presence of Minister Wu-hsiung Chen of the Council of Agriculture (COA), Chief Executive Officer Chang Yong-cheng on behalf of Taiwan Provincial Farmers’ Association presented the donation to a representative of Japan ’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-op Associations to assist Japanese farmers in disaster areas.

Farmers’ Associations in Taiwan Donate Enthusiastically Based on Humanitarian Spirit

Taiwan Provincial Farmers’ Association noted that Japanese search and rescue teams and relief materials arrived shortly after Taiwanwas struck by the 921 earthquake in 1999 and Japan ’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-op Associations raised some 89 million Japanese Yen from various agricultural co-op associations for the relief of Taiwan people in disaster areas, fully demonstrating real affection in adversity. In view of the long-term friendly and close relations between Japan and Taiwan, farmers’ associations at all levels in Taiwan enthusiastically donated NT$26,498,382 to Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-op Associations after learning of the severe damages caused by the March 11 earthquake to assist affected Japanese farmers in rebuilding their destroyed homes.

Safeguarding Interests of Farmers to Create Win-win Situation

COA Minister Chen said that due to close contacts and friendship between agricultural sectors in Taiwanand Japan , he expects Japanese farmers will accomplish the difficult task of rebuilding their homes and farms as soon as possible and resume their normal life earlier. He also expressed the hope that Japan ’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-op Associations and Taiwan Provincial Farmers’ Association will establish closer cooperative relations in the future to jointly work for the interests of farmers and sustainable agricultural development in the two countries. (2011-04-01 )