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Finale Classic Works at EXPO Dome of Taipei Flora Expo on Display Starting 4/16 in 2011 Taiwan Flower Show


To demonstrate the Taiwan floriculture industry’s R&D and innovation capabilities for people both at home and abroad to better understand the fruitful results of Taiwan flower farmers and floriculture research institutes and promote among local people the living habit of loving, buying and enjoying flowers, the Council of Agriculture (COA) specially sponsored the 2011 Taiwan Flower Show in the last schedule of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. The Taiwan Flower Show is divided into two exhibition areas and Area B “charm land of flowers” was open on April 11 and Area A was open on April 16. Both areas will remain open through April 25 for visitors to the Taipei Flora Expo to appreciate creative floral works being displayed in Taiwan for the first time and locally grown fine flowers for export with the highest quality.

Taiwan ’s Highest-Grade Export Flowers and Brainchild of Research Units on Display

The COA said the 2011 Taiwan Flower Show is divided into Areas A and B with an aggregate display area covering 4,500 square meters. Area A showcases Taiwan’s highest grade of export flowers including Phalaenopsis, Anthurium, Oncidium, Gladiolus, Chrysanthemum, Malabar chestnut and other colorful flowers, while Area B displays the R&D brainchild of various agricultural research and extension stations under the COA for many years, including 45 newest domestic species, 15 species of rare native plants and 14 innovative horticultural technologies. And Area B displays different floral arrangements for wedding, Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day and other major festival occasions for people to learn how to use flowers in daily life.

Celebrating ROC Centennial with Creative Art of Flowers

To celebrate the centennial of the Republic of China, the COA noted that the Taiwan Flower Show specially displays many creative floral works for the first time in the country. Located at the entrance to Area A is “Avenue of Stars” created by more than 10,000 Oncidium and other orchids, and the largest in Taiwan as well as the first in the world “Rich and Lucky 101”bamboo sculpture, which transforms plain lucky bamboo into a miniaturized version of the towering Taipei 101 building, there represents the finale work of the Taipei Flora Expo. In addition, there is the “Blue and White Porcelain Garden Landscape Show” created by numerous Chrysanthemum for the first time. Major floral art groups in the country are also invited to take part in the on-site “Blossoming” floral art contest and all competing works, whether winning prizes or not, are classic. Elite domestic landscape gardening teams jointly created classic picture of rural charm in Area B by displaying rarely seen new species and restored rare native plants.

Taiwan Floriculture Industry Accumulates Rich Energy in Many Years

The Council pointed out that the Taiwan floriculture industry has accumulated rich energy under the joint efforts of the industry, government and academia. Whether it’s orchids or cut flowers, the industry’s strength can not be ignored. Flower cultivation in Taiwan covered an area of 13,165 hectares in 2010, with an annual production of 86,548 dozens of cut flowers, 66.18 million pots of orchid and an annual output value of some NT$13.2 billion. The export value of Taiwan flowers grew nearly three times from 2001 to 2010. Taiwan ’s flower exports totaled US$149 million (some NT$4.7 billion) in 2010, making floriculture an industry with enormous potential for export. The success is attributed mainly to the outstanding R&D achievements of flower farmers and agricultural research units in the field of breeding, cultivation and post-harvest treatment techniques.

Finale Classic Works of Taipei Expo Display Creative Art of Flowers

The COA cordially invites all people to visit the 2011 Taiwan Flower Show it sponsored at EXPO Dome during the last 10 days of the Taipei International Flora Exposition (April 16-25) to enjoy creative and great floral works and witness jointly the impressive achievements of the Taiwan floriculture industry. (2011-04-16 )