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COA Actively Assists Phase-5 Orchid Development and Management Area Construction in Order to Further Promote Orcid Industry by Enhancing Its Production Cluster Effect


The Council of Agriculture (COA) said that after completing the first three phases of the five-phase Taiwan Orchid Plantation construction project, businesses have moved in the park and begun production. As the phase-4 development is almost completed now, all contracted businesses have moved in the orchid park. Since more businesses have expressed the hope to move in so the land for its phase-5 development is needed urgently. To promote the development of the orchid industry with an all-out effort, the Council approved on August 12, 2011 to subsidize the Tainan City Government in implementing the Taiwan Orchid Plantation’s phase-5 land development project in 2011 with total funds exceeding NT$210 million. The COA agreed to provide more than NT$190 million, accounting for 95% of the total funds, and expected the Tainan City Government to complete the development of the park as soon as possible. Moreover, in order to perfect the management of the Orchid Plantation the Council has also assisted and guided the Tainan City Government in formulating regulations governing the management of the Plantation park to streamline its routine operations.

It has been arranged for the Tainan City Government to lease land from Taiwan Sugar Corporation for the development of Taiwan Orchid Plantation and it was originally planned to get the land for the plantation’s phase-5 development, explained the COA. But the arrangement was delayed due to the competition and cooperation between state-run enterprises and the private industry. After the COA’s active negotiations with the Tainan City Government and relevant organizations, the Board of Directors of Taiwan Sugar Corporation finally agreed on July 29, 2011 to lend the land to the park.

Industry Cooperates with Government, Academe and Research Institutes to Consolidate Leading Position of Taiwan Orchids in World

The Council noted that the local orchid industry has been highly competitive in the world because Taiwan is rich in orchid genetic resources and has high-level cultivation techniques, plus the niche of being allowed to export to the United States Phalaenopsis orchids with cultivation media. The COA has listed the orchid industry as one of the key projects in the development of quality agriculture. In addition to promoting the building of Taiwan Orchid Plantation, the Council has set up flower research teams, bred diversified varieties, improved production and long-range shipping techniques, and significantly lowered the industry’s production costs.

Moreover, the COA has also actively assisted businesses in participating international flower exhibitions and subsidized orchid production and marketing organizations to sponsor the annual Taiwan International Orchid Show in the Orchid Plantation park since 2005. Taiwan International Orchid Show, International Orchid Festival in Tokyo and World Orchid Show are now listed as the three major international orchid shows. To assist farmers in overcoming technical bottlenecks they faced in production, the Council has also set up the Orchid Industry Counseling Group and Greenhouse Energy Conservation Counseling Group, hiring experts to make field diagnosis and, if necessary, provide services and solutions with regard to issues from cultivation, management, disease and pest control to enhancing production efficiency. Under the cooperation between the industry and government, academe and research institutes, the international competitiveness of Taiwan ’s orchid industry will surely be strengthened and deepened in the future. (2011-08-12 )