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Taiwan Exports 1,141 Tons of Mango to Japan, Increasing 15.4% over 2010


The Council of Agriculture (COA) said that mangos produced in Taiwan with bright colors, aromatic fragrance and good taste are highly competitive on the international market and one of the country’s major export fruits. As of the end of July the export of Taiwan mango to Japan totaled 1,141 M .T. with a value of US$8.21 million this year, increasing 15.4% and 26.3% over the same period of 2010 respectively and setting the highest record since Taiwan began exporting mango to Japan.

To assist farmers in actively developing the Japanese market, the COA has promoted the implementation of Safety Management System for Mangos Exported to Japan, assisted and guided mango farmers and exporters to establish the mode of one-on-one log-in cooperation, and strictly implemented random testing of agricultural chemical residues before harvest and after vapor heat treatment and issued certificate to only those products meeting the Japanese standards, so as to facilitate the mango exports to Japan while ensuring the good quality of mango and meeting the safety standard of agricultural chemical residues of Japan.

The COA noted that since the introduction of the Safety Management System the agricultural chemical residue on mangos exported to Japanhas been totally in line with Japan ’s regulations for four consecutive years. And Japanagreed at the end of 2010 to lower the 100% inspection of every batch of Taiwanmango to the general random inspection, so that Taiwanmango can get customs clearance quickly after being shipped to Japan . In addition to shortening the procedure of customs clearance, the new arrangement has also significantly upgraded Taiwanmango’s high quality and good image in Japan ’s market.

To continue expanding export markets for Taiwanmango, the COA has actively assisted and guided relevant businesses to sponsor “Taiwan Vegetable and Fruit Day” promotional activities in cooperation with foreign distribution channels, and held special sales, gift package pre-orders and store promotions at the bases in Hong Kong, Shanghaiand Japan to diversify marketing channels. Statistics showed that exports of Taiwan mango totaled 3,219 M .T. with a value of US$13.34 million this year as of the end of July. In addition to Japan , Taiwanalso exported mango to markets in South Korea , Singapore , Hong Kong and mainland China . (2011-08-26 )