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Taiwan Ships First Batch of Phalaenopsis Orcids with Cultivation Medium to Australia to Open up Southern Hemisphere Market


The Council of Agriculture (COA) said the first batch of Phalaenopsis orchids with cultivation medium was shipped to Australian orchid gardens for subsequent cultivation after smoothly passing customs clearance procedures on September 13, making them a vanguard of Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchids with medium to open up the Southern Hemisphere market.

In the past Australia required that Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchids export to Australia had to remove the cultivation medium and be treated by chemicals, and then the orchids must subject to 3-month quarantine and inspection in isolation after reaching Australia, noted the Council. To assist local businesses in breaking through the strict quarantine and inspection barriers, the government had negotiated with the Australiagovernment for more than four years based on the greenhouse certification operation for Phalaenopsis orchids with medium exported to the United States . Australiagave its consent finally on January 6, 2011 for Taiwanto become the first foreign country allowed to export Phalaenopsis orchids with cultivation medium to Australia . And four commercial varieties of Taiwan-developed Phalaenopsis orchids were successfully shipped to Australia with cultivation medium in early September.

Welcomed by International Market    Taiwan Phalaenopsis Orchid Exports Grow Three Times in Six Years

The COA explained that using aquatic plants as the cultivation medium, in combination with mature long-distance shipping preservation technology and better product moisture and endurance, Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchids can ensure more than 25 days of container transport and have strong resilience and vitality after reaching the greenhouse in their destination. And this mode of export has been widely acclaimed by domestic businesses and the international market. Since the first batch of Phalaenopsis orchids with cultivation medium was exported to the United States in January 2005, the total value of Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchid exports increased from US$27.05 million in 2005 to US$82.55 million in 2010, growing more than three times. Taiwan exported more than 14 million Phalaenopsis orchids to the U.S. market by long-distance sea transport, and conservative estimates showed that this was has saved local businesses from spending more than NT$600 million on shipping as compared with using air transport.

Export Phalaenopsis Orchids with Cultivation Medium effectively Reduces Cost for Businesses

When Taiwan exported Phalaenopsis orchids with bare root to Australia by air transport, the orchids’ survival rate was 50-90% with a 2-month recovery period and shipping cost of NT$30-35 each; if exported with cultivation medium, the survival rate will be significantly increased to more than 95%, with the recovery period being shortened to three weeks, and shipping cost will be lowered to NT$4-5 each when exported by sea transport, saving up to NT$30 each in shipping cost, according to Taiwan Orchid Growers Association.

Getting Consent from Australia , New Zealand to be Export with Cultivation Medium, Phalaenopsis Orchid Exports Set New Milestone

In order to continue to create export success, the Council has actively negotiated with potential countries through various channels in recent years for the export of Phalaenopsis orchids with cultivation medium. New Zealandgave its consent in August following in Australia ’s footsteps in January 2011, demonstrating that Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchids have won recognition in the international market and are expected to create another export milestone. (2011-09-14 )