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Value of Taiwan Agricultural Product Exports to China Doubles, Continuously Demonstrating Effects of Direct Cross-strait Transport and ECFA


The Council of Agriculture (COA) said after the signing of the cross-strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), Chinalowers to zero in two stages the import tariff rates on 18 items of Taiwan agricultural products on the early harvest list starting on January 1, 2011. As of the end of August, a total of 10,321 metric tons of the 18 agricultural product items were exported to the mainland in 2011 with a value of US$78.34 million, growing 72% and 205% respectively as compared with the same period of last year. This demonstrates that both the volume and value of ECFA early harvest agricultural product exports to China have continued increasing.

Export of Major TaiwanFruits to China Increases Steadily

As of the end of August this year, the value of such major fruit items as pineapple, mango and papaya exported to the mainland increased 102%, 33% and 48% respectively over the same period of 2010, noted the COA. As to the decrease of orange and banana export value, the Council explained that orange is not one of the major export fruits and Taiwan exported less oranges this year because both the volume and value of oranges in the domestic market had been stable this year after taking the measure of abandoning some orchard production. Since Japanis the major market for Taiwan banana, the Council has invited local businesses to form a joint organization to open up the Japanese market, trying to increase the volume and value of banana exports.

Great Potential for Farm Produce Exports to China Expected after Achieving Successes

The COA pointed out that the export of Taiwanagricultural products to China totaled US$530 million in 2010, increasing 23.3% over the US$430 million in 2007. As of the end of August 2011, Taiwan exported 176,541 metric tons of agricultural products to the mainland with a total value of US$428 million, growing 9% and 28% respectively as compared with the same period of lat year. The Council will continue sponsoring various promotional activities to further increase both the volume and value of Taiwanagricultural product exports to China . (2011-09-26 )