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Premium Processed Livestock Products Exported to Shanghai


The first shipment of processed livestock products was allowed to be exported from Taiwan to China in early January 2011. Through the efforts by various government agencies and the private sector, The Taiwan Farm Industry Co., Cha I Shan Foods Co., Horn-Liang Food Co. and Yunlin Yuanchang Poultry Product Corp. will sign a contract with Shanghai Xin Tiantian Co. on December 2 in order to formally enter the mainland Chinese market.

Cross-strait Consensus on Quarantine and Inspection Standards Lowers Mainland Barrier for Taiwan Aqricultarevl Produnds Export to China.

The Council of Agriculture (COA) said although Taiwan Farm Industry, Cha I Shan, Horn-Liang and Yunlin Yuanchang obtained export permits from China in January last year, but Taiwan agricultural products had not been included in the ECFA early harvest list and various China custom offices have been implementing cumbersome and complex quarantine and inspection regulations and standards. After a series of negotiations and coordination between the COA’s Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine and China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the two sides finally reached a consensus and establish a direct communication channel to effectively lower the mainland barrier to the Chine’s barrier to the iimport of Taiwan agwenltural products.

Taiwan Products Are Expected to be Sold Smoothly after Expanding Both Logistics and Channels

The COA noted that some 18 tons of modulated pork products made by Taiwan Farm Industry and Cha I Shan, processed egg products by Horn-Liang and poultry products by Yunlin Yuanchang in three containers were already shipped to Shanghai and Xin Tiantian Public Low-temperature Logistics Company is assisting in dealing with customs clearance before those Taiwan products are sold in RT-Mart Shanghai stores.

To continue marketing in Shanghai, relevant manufacturers will sign a contract on December 2 and subsequent processed livestock products exported from Taiwan will be distributed by Shanghai Xin Tiantian Public Low-temperature Logistics Company. The Council is convinced that such a mode of cooperation will create success for the sale of processed Taiwan livestock products in China. (2011-12-02)