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Experts from 13 Countries Gather in Taiwan for Biotechnology Seminar


A major international agricultural conference, organized by the ROC Council of Agriculture (COA) and the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), was held from July 15 th to 18 th this year in Taipei, Taiwan. Local officials, scholars and industry participants had an opportunity to exchange experiences and information with approximately 100 experts from Asian-Pacific countries during the event, as well as to build an international network, promote Taiwan agri-biotech applications and development, and raise the visibility of Taiwan’s high technology sector.

“The Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference: Biotechnology and Global Competitiveness” brought together approximately 100 representatives from 13 countries, including India, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan. Experts from the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions, APAARI, also attended the meeting.

The COA said that a total of 16 international and domestic experts were invited to share their insights into bi otechnology applications in the agricultural food product industry and agribusiness trends, and also exchange experiences about relevant technical and strategic planning issues in the Asia-Pacific region .

Discussion topics included the application of b iotechnology in the Asia-Pacific region 's agriculture and food industry: recent developments, challenges and opportunities; f inancial investments in the study of development of biotechnology to the agricultural products; the risks and management of applying biotechnology to food production and the ecosystem, as well as fostering the application of biotechnology by small and medium scale producers.

The non-profit international organization APO was founded in 1961; Taiwan is one of the organization’s founders. There are currently 20 member states. The mission of the organization is to provide technical and management services to help improve overall productivity and the socio-economic development of member states.

In addition to the event itself, the COA also arranged for the foreign participants to visit “Bio Taiwan 2013” on July 18 th, to let them fully understand the current status and planned development of Taiwan’s biotech industry, to demonstrate the applications of our biotechnology ability to expand Taiwan’s business opportunities.