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2013 Bio Taiwan Conference & Exhibition - 'Agricultural Biotechnology Theme Pavilion'


Pavilion unveiled in Taipei World Trade Centre Nangang Exhibition Hall on July 18 th

“2013 Bio Taiwan Conference & Exhibition—Agricultural Biotechnology Theme Pavilion”, has ceremoniously unveiled in Taipei World Trade Centre Nangang Exhibition Hall since July 18 th, 2013, with a period of four days. The primary aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the development of the industrialization of agricultural biotechnology along with the achievements of research and development conducted by each of agricultural research institutes of Council of Agriculture (COA). COA invited Ping-tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park and 32 of the manufacturers sponsored by COA to partake in; in addition, the color duo medium-sized fluorescent fish—Princess Peach is also the focal point of the research and development of agricultural technology. The exhibition is brilliant and enthusiastically welcomes all peoples to visit.

“New trend in biotechnology, new opportunity for agriculture”, a splendid debut

COA said, for the sake of highlighting the performance regarding the research and development of agricultural biotechnology in Taiwan, this year, it’s the first time to integrate the achievements conducted by the Ping-tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park, Office for Promotion of Industrialization for Agricultural Biotechnology, Animal Technology Institute Taiwan and Agricultural Research Institutes of COA to plan for the ten display areas, including: orchid biotechnology, plant biotechnology, aquatic biotechnology, animal biotechnology, animal vaccines and diagnostic testing, marine ornamental fish, herbal biotechnology, bio-pesticides and microbial fertilizers, new plant varieties and diversified value-added agricultural usage.

The exhibition is extremely profuse, besides the MIT minipig, an experimental miniature pig, certificated by the “Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International”, and debut of three high-priced marine ornamental species (Amphiprion ocellaris, Acanthurus leucosternon, Chrysipterra taupou), there are products of the Erycina pusilla bottle flowers, and the usage of technology of adding tea powder to produce low cholesterol eggs, novel muscle-specific promoter applied to fluorescent ornamental fish, the transgenic fluorescent ornamental fish with Taiwan coral fluorescent proteins and many other agricultural technologies and products.

Promoting the Commercialization for the achievements of research and development, immediately consulting unit service

COA stressed that, research and innovation are the driving force behind the continued progress in agriculture in Taiwan, the exhibition will enable the public to understand COA’s achievements of research and development in agricultural technology, and discussion area is also arranged, enabling the manufacturers sponsored by the related agricultural technology industry to directly communicate and negotiate with the buyer to facilitate product sales, seeking for business opportunity; in addition, the agricultural technology program service team will be on-site , providing with the advice and services of subsidy for agricultural innovation and research and development expertise. COA sincerely welcomes all peoples to participate in the grand event.