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COA Promotes R & D Technology Business Opportunities at Taipei Int’l Invention Show


The Council of Agriculture (COA) showcased the achievements of 45 R&D technologies with market potential at the 2013 Taipei Int’l Invention Show & Technomart, held in Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center from September 26 th through September 29 th this year.

Agriculture Minister Chen Bao-ji attended the opening of the “Agricultural Theme Pavilion” on September 26 th, which included 3 major display sections demonstrating the achievements of many innovative industrial applications.

The COA promoted several key technologies at the show, such as advanced propagation techniques for red coral trout, which can upgrade the survival and growth rate of the fish fry and generate increased value of NT$ 0.4 billion to NT$ 0.8 billion; the development of a bivalent vaccine for iridovirus and nervous necrosis virus for grouper, which can reduce the number of required injections, as well as improved technology for producing green banana flour, which can be applied to the production of baked goods in order to enhance product value.

For the first time, the COA sent newsletters promoting the innovative technologies one month in advance, and also arranged appointments in advance in order to identify and locate potential buyers.

COA officials said that they have been actively using the opportunities presenting by the show to market Taiwan’s achievements in research and development, and have prompted the industry to undertake technology transfer. The COA is expected to continue last year’s successful record of transferring 40 individual elements from 56 different technologies, creating NT$ 15 million in value from authorized licenses.