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COA announces winners of 2013 Ten Best Classic Rice Awards


The Minister of the Council of Agriculture (COA) Dr. Chen, Bao-ji announced the winners of the 2013 Ten Best Classic Rice Awards at the 2013 Taiwan Rice Expo on September 28 th in Yuanshan Park Area at the Taipei Expo Park, praising their efforts and achievements in improving Taiwan’s rice quality.

Agriculture Minister attended the event and presented each winner with a trophy and a prize of NT $ 100,000. For the first time, the organizers divided the competitors into two groups, which are called “Fragrant Rice Group” and “Non-fragrant Rice Group”.

The winners were chosen from among 61 finalists through intense competition. A total of 1,504 farmers from 51 townships in 14 counties and cities in Taiwan participated in the competition this year.

Officials of the COA said that considering the great challenges associated with climate change such as abnormally cold weather, typhoons and increased incidence of rice blast in the first phase of crop growing, the farmers successfully overcame considerable obstacles; the achievement of the winners was especially commendable.

The winners of the Non-fragrant Rice Group are farmers Chuang, Tien-nan from Zhutang Township of Changhua County, Chen, Yi-hon from Daliao District of Kaohsiung City, Chen, Cheng-yi from Wujie Township of Yilan County, Yeh, Swee-pen from Yilan City of Yilan County and Lee, Wen-huang from Yuxi area of Hualien County.

The winners of the Fragrant Rice Group are farmers Lu, Li-shu from Bade City of Taoyuan County, Chen, Ming-sheng from Yangmei City of Taoyuan County, Chuang, Yu-cheng from Pingzhen City of Taoyuan County, Chen, Fa-sen from Zhubei City of Hsinchu County and Wu, Chun-hsien from Daliao District of Kaohsiung City.

In the event, the COA also awarded certificates to express gratitude to farmer associations and contracted specialized rice production areas for their assistance.

In order to share the honors and achievements with the public, the Agriculture and Food Agency of the COA exhibited caricatures of the winners, and also displayed and sold the 10 best rice varieties at the exposition.

In addition, the rice expo also demonstrated and sold a variety of rice gift boxes, locally-processed food items and diverse local specialties from 58 quality manufacturers. COA appreciated repeatedly to the people who participated and bought the quality rice products to give support and encouragement to these farmers from September 27 th through September 29 th.