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A Role Model in Quality Agriculture—CAS Excellent Down Products Takes to the Stage


The processing and export of Taiwan's down products is the third largest in the world, which yields an export value of US$254 million (equal to NTD 7.48 billion) and is regarded as the role model product in agricultural industry. This year the Council of Agriculture has officially incorporated down products into CAS certification list. On Nov. 26, a press conference was held to promote high quality down products that have passed the CAS certification process to the public.

High quality and purity – a competitive advantage for local CAS certified down products

The Council of Agriculture stated that Taiwan has excelled in waterfowl breed improvement technique, seasoned duck and goose breeding experience, and perfect climate environment, yielding top quality fresh down. The advantage of production of origin is that the down can be efficiently and swiftly transported to processing plants for first treatment procedure within 24 hours. Thus maintaining the freshness of the feathers and further prevent fermentation. Therefore, its elasticity, thermo diffusion, and retention time can be preserved. In addition, the precise control of breeding time results in the abundance of down in waterfowl feather and the snow-white purity of the down. Along with highly sophisticated fine cleaning technology, top quality down material can be produced.

CAS ensures excellent down quality and offers consumers with product satisfaction

The Council of Agriculture pointed out that CAS certified products must pass strict investigation on production process including primary rinse, classification, fine wash and piece before becoming final products. Presently the products with down content over 90% that have received the certification are from Pacific Feather Co., Ltd. and Hop Lion Feather Works Corp. The first shipment of CAS certified down duvets will make its first appearance on the market this winter. Consumers will finally be able to purchase light and warm down products with CAS certification.

CAS certified down products are ready to explore various retailing channels

The Council also suggests that by means of utilizing excellent down material produced domestically, the manufacturers can increase the added value of their products. The CAS certification system can also help in strengthening and integrating relevant industrial sectors which in turn will transform into quality agricultural production with high market potential. Along with the advance of the industry, the consumers can be offered better quality down products. The Council urges consumers to look for the CAS certification before each purchase, which is a MIT seal of quality assurance.