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Vegetables from Taiwan Carry Warm Affection to the Philippines


The Council of Agriculture stated that due to the devastation caused by super typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines is in desperate need of basic provisions. Taiwan on the other hand, is experiencing a bountiful production of the best quality produce. Therefore, the COA hoped that the safe and fresh Taiwanese vegetables can be sent to those in need in the Philippines.

The Council of Agriculture and Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd. join efforts in donating 36,000 kilos of quality cabbages

To further show its commitment to its humanitarian spirit, the COA also responded to the call of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to donate rice. However, there is still a shortage of daily provisions and relief supplies. In order to extend the much needed aid to the victims, the COA helped Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd. in purchasing 36,000 kilos of cabbages from the Beidou Community Cooperative Farm in Changhua County to ship these products to the Philippines; in this way it also can further introduce the safe and tasty Taiwanese vegetables to the Phillipines.

Typhoon relief cabbages to set sail on Dec.2

In order to increase the export of Taiwan's vegetables, in recent years the COA has strengthened its supply chain management as well as assisted the production units to adopt safety production procedure and management norms that comply with export market regulations, thus ensuring both product quality and safety. The donated 36,000-kilo cabbage is produced by the exclusive export cabbage production units in Changhua County and Yunlin County supervised intensively by COA, and packaged by Beidou Community Cooperative Farm in Changhua County. The cabbage cargo loaded into containers on Dec. 1 and set sail the next day. The shipment arrived at the Port of Manila on Dec. 5, and then sold to local distributors through Hung Yun Food Co., Ltd. All the income from this shipment will be donated to local catholic church for disaster relief and reconstruction of battered zones. Taiwan's humanity assistance to other country in need is once again reaching out to the world.