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Council of Agriculture Organized 2013 Top Ten Agricultural Production and Marketing Group Award Ceremony


The Council of Agriculture held the 2013 Top Ten Agriculture Production and Marketing Group Award ceremony on Dec. 19, and Minister Chen Bao-ji rewarded the groups by presenting a plaque, an award certificate, and NT$200,000 cash reward to honor the outstanding achievement of these groups. Vice president Wu Den-yih joined the event to deliver his speech and encouraged the participants. More than 400 guests attended the ceremony including members of agricultural production and marketing groups nationwide, their families, agricultural workers, several county government representatives, and experts from various COA offices. The event also showed films that tell the stories of the commended groups and their achievements.

Our nation's foundation, agriculture safety and security come first

Vice President Wu pointed out in his speech that these ten agricultural production and marketing groups outstood from more than 6,500 groups nationwide with a winning rate less than 1.5 per thousand. Therefore, the winners are certainly the role model of all agricultural production and marketing groups in the country. As a fundamental industry which sustains human livelihood, agriculture is the foundation of social stability and economic development for a country. The six emerging industries earmarked for special promotion by the government, namely quality agriculture, biotechnology, green energy, tourism, medicine and health care, and culture and creative industry are all linked to agriculture and are part of the government's focus policies.

Vice President Wu stated that the COA is currently promoting both the "Small Landlords and Big Tenants" and " Rural Regeneration" programs, actively encouraging the younger generation of farmers to return and develop farming villages. The government offers farmers assistance to lease farmlands. Currently, each large tenant manages an average of 8.3 hectares of land area, which is 7.5 times larger than the average farmland area of 1.1 hectares. Large tenants' average age is 44 years old, which is far younger than that of the average farmers' 62 years of age. Young people have begun to attend the agricultural production and marketing groups, which is an indication of COA's policies yielding effective results. These groups are the most crucial foundation of agricultural policies' implementation. The experiences passed down by veteran members of these groups to the younger generation, combined with the latter's creativity and internet marketing will open new opportunities for Taiwan's agricultural products.

Vice President Wu also took the opportunity to call on farmers nationwide to pay more attention to food safety issues. He urged farmers to employ safe methods for cultivation, breeding, and processing so that the consumers may eat with a peace of mind.

These top ten agricultural production and marketing groups are the role models of the industry

COA Minister Chen, Bao-ji indicated that it was an extraordinary feat to become a top-ten agricultural production and marketing group this year. They must all pass through strict reviewing and screening process at township, county or city, and district level. There were a total of 30 finalists nationwide, which were in turn narrowed down to the final ten groups. This year's winning groups share two important characteristics: each one of their products has a brand or is certified, and the members of these groups all work together in maintaining the quality of their brand. Minister Chen also hopes that these best-of-the-best groups may lead Taiwan's agricultural industry into a brighter national industry in the future and it can compete with other countries' products in the world market.