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The Signing of France-Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Convention Enhances Bilateral Cooperation and Partnership

 The Council of Agriculture (COA), announced that Olivier Richard, Director of French Office in Taipei, had signed the France-Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Convention in Taipei on Dec. 5th with the endorsement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. The agreement would then be delivered to Taipei Representative Office in France and become effective immediately as soon as Representative Lu Ching-long signs the document. The COA pointed out that its Livestock Research Institute and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) have worked closely on animal related research since 1983. Besides improving their livestock technology, these two countries have also boosted the development of livestock and poultry industry cooperatively. This international cooperation proved beneficial for the advancement of agriculture for both countries. The signing of the agreement also symbolized a new milestone in Franco-Taiwanese agricultural cooperation. It will further strengthen this cooperative partnership between France and Taiwan. Based on fair and reciprocal principles, both parties will dedicate to the further promotion of cross-field collaborations in crops, animal husbandry, processed-food and forestry. 

 The COA also pointed out that France is an important country of the European Union. Therefore, after the signing of France-Taiwan Agricultural Cooperation Convention, a regular communication channel will be established. The said mechanism will prove beneficial to the bilateral economic development and agricultural technology cooperation. In the mean time, the various impacts and challenges that modern agriculture encounters today may be overcome through this joint effort, thus ensuring the sustainable agricultural development as well as the farm product quality and safety. Henceforth, a new phase of agriculture in both countries expect to be established.