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Taiwan’s Agricultural Technology and Products Enter the Qatar Market


  The Council of Agriculture (COA) organized a delegation to participate in the “Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition 2015” from November 10 to 12. The delegation was composed of national agricultural science and technology R&D units, orchid industry associations, plant factory associations, and eleven agricultural companies. During the exhibition, plant factory equipment, aquaponics system, quality flowers and ornamental fish received high attention and many inquiries from potential buyers. COA said that this year’s participating companies were excellent and enthusiastic to explore the Middle East market. They obtained fruitful results.

Taiwan’s agriculture impresses visitors

   The COA noted that the dry and hot natural environments in the Middle East countries are unfavorable to the plant growth and agricultural development. Their sources of food rely heavily on imports. Therefore, the Qatar government has been long-term committing to the improvement of the country’s self-sufficiency in agricultural production. This time, the COA led the delegation to participate in Qatar’s exhibition, for the purpose of demonstrating Taiwan’s vegetables and mushrooms cultivation techniques, greenhouse cooling technology, aquaculture technology, as well as artificial reproductive technology and breeding management of goats. Moreover, the delegation introduced to the Middle East buyers Taiwan’s high-quality flowers, fertilizers, materials, ornamental fish, animal vaccines, and plant factory export service, along with Taiwan’s fresh and delicious agricultural products like bananas, corns, fishery products and snacks. This brought local agriculture a brand new face.

Promote and arrange business talks to help obtain business opportunities

   The “whole plant export” concept team, composed of the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, and two orchid flower companies, exhibited tropical flowers, including flamingo flowers, dancing-doll orchids and butterfly orchids. The booth was designed under the concept of “orchid laurel” and aimed to promote Taiwan’s high-quality floral industry. During the exhibition, many local companies and visitors were greatly interested and expressed the hope that the beautiful flowers from Taiwan could add up bright colors into the Middle East deserts.

   Larmax International Co., Ltd. exhibited neocardinia shrimps while Wu Chin-hung exhibited swordtail guppies that won the first and second prize in last year’s world guppy competition. Neocardinia shrimps have various colors like red, orange, golden, blue and black in their body. Swordtail guppies have a unique tail shape and metallic luster. Both species attracted considerable attention in Qatar, where the trend for ornamental fish has not been popular yet. The visiting royals particularly loved swordtail guppies. To establish a friendship bridge between Taiwan and Qatar, Tsai, Jin-shan, vice president of Taiwan Plant Factory Association, and Wu, Chin-hung, on behalf of Taiwan, jointly presented swordtail guppies as gifts for the Qatar royal family. It is considered a contribution to Taiwan’s diplomatic relationship.

   In the aspect of fresh agricultural products and processed produce, Ru-Ji Foods Co., Ltd.’s bananas and corns won special attention from local large retailers and importers in the exhibition. Three French purchasing managers from Qatar’s Carrefour showed much interest in Taiwan’s bananas. Shin Rong Seafood Co., Ltd.’s own brand “Coastline” outstood with its mullet roe shape mixed with the map of Taiwan. Filled with Taiwan's image, its mullet roe and mullet roe sauce amazed visitors by their unique flavor. Plus with eye-catching posters, this brand successfully drew people’s attention in the exhibition.

Implement assistant measures to expand export markets

   In order to boost exports of agricultural products, COA has gradually implemented the international marketing plan since 2004, helping domestic farmers’ groups and associations to participate in international professional exhibitions, as a way to establish a good international image for Taiwan’s agricultural products. In the future, in addition to consolidating existing export markets, the COA will focus on the promotion of processed food products with export potential, by setting up exhibition themes, adopting appropriate promotion strategies, and accelerating the penetration into target overseas markets.