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Taiwan Launches an All-out Effort to bring its Supreme Agri-food Products to the World Market


  In order to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s agri-food products, the Council of Agriculture (COA) launched the first campaign to select top-rated processed food manufacturers and their premier products with export potential. Organizing for a smooth start for seeded players of export, an elite group of 32 processed food producers were selected out of 96 that had signed up at the first phase. Consultation was given to this elite group of processed food producers to exploit Taiwan’s supreme agricultural materials for creating value-added agri-food products. Also assistance was provided to employ sustainable practices at all stages of the value chain to effectively increase export volume and value of Taiwan’s world-class agri-food products.

  The COA’s rigorous selection was based on the following criteria: 1) status of overseas business deployment (30%); 2) export strategic plan (30%); 3) use of raw materials from the crop, livestock and aquaculture sectors (20%); and 4) creativity of product features and package designs (20%). And the election was completed with the on-site review of production operations. The finalists of elite processed food producers include eight for processed fruit and vegetable, four for rice and grains, two for vegetable soybean, one for tea, one for groupers, two for mullet roe, six for fresh aquaculture products, and eight for livestock and poultry.

  The COA indicated that the common features of these selected processed food producers with export potential of their products include: 1) mastering of key technologies that integrated with various international quality standards; 2) meticulous leverage of high-quality raw materials that enhance Taiwan’s value-added agri-food exports; 3) stripping costs out of all phases of the production chain; 4) on-going marketing research for export and strategic planning to create niche markets; and 5) capacity to customize agri-food products that meet market demand and customer predilection. And the COA reiterated that these edges will enhance the export opportunities for Taiwan's quality agri-food products.

  Furthermore, the COA revealed that these selected processed food producers, as “seeded players” of export, will be the focus of further assistance in geographical market expansion, and given opportunities to partake in the related international trade shows. All of these are one of all-out efforts to pave the road to bring Taiwan’s superlative agri-food products to the world market.