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A platform to accumulate and spread agricultural technology and industry information


  In order to promote the development of agribusiness and expedite the internationalization of industry, the Council of Agriculture (COA) provided funding to the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) for the establishment of Agricultural Technology Industry Information Platform (ATIIP,, which became operational on April 25, 2016. The website features contents such as research papers, global news flash, industry news, event information and so on. It aims to offer real-time and accurate development of agricultural technology and industry. The ultimate goal is to drive both the academic and industrial community towards effective R&D or new market development by means of information exchange and dissemination. The strategy is expected to increase industry competitiveness and progressively strengthen the agriculture industry in Taiwan.

   The COA stated that the ATIIP is a platform to accumulate and spread knowledge, through which ATRI disseminates information such as domestic and overseas industrial trends as well as technological development. It also offers real-time industry news by publishing concise analytical articles. Moreover, the platform analyzes Taiwan's current agricultural technological advantages, provides problem-solving measures and technology layout enhancement strategies through information collected via international trade show participation and market research. After going over the initial planning and establishment in 2015 as well as subsequent successful beta testing earlier this year, the platform was officially open to the public on April 25 this year, a new milestone for the promotion agricultural technology and industrial development.

The website works with all types of mobile devices

  The COA further explained that in response to the fast-growing popularity of mobile search tools, the ATIIP adopted the vertical layout and presented its content in the same format as social media sites. It runs perfectly on computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Users can easily gain access to content lists or find the desired content by using the search function. In addition to clear and complete information, smooth download is high user friendly.