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Elderly-friendly Food Selection and Promotion Enhances Extensive Application of Agricultural Ingredients


  In order to expand the application of Taiwan’s local agricultural ingredients and assist the development of elder-friendly food industry, the Council of Agriculture (COA) entrusted Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) to organize the selection and promotion events for the physical and virtual retailing channels of elder-friendly food. All relevant enterprises are welcome to participate and jointly create a new direction for convenient elderly food.

In response to the aged society, local agricultural products add a touch of happiness to life

  The COA stated that Taiwan is becoming an aged society (more than 14% of the population is over 65 years old). Such shift of demographic structure would most likely trigger a change of diet demand in the future. As the population demands a healthy, natural and environmentally friendly diet, fresh local agro-products with low-carbon footprint are just what consumers need. Furthermore, they can be processed into tender, tasty, healthy and convenient meals suitable for elderly consumption by adding in nutritional supplements. Not only would it drive forward domestic agro-product’s application and innovative agricultural value chain, but also benefit the development of aging society.

Friendly food creates new diet demand and shows consideration for elderly people

  The COA pointed out that currently in Taiwan most of the foods designed for the elderly are dietary supplements, which lead to the inconspicuous existence of meal-type products on the market. According to a study, healthy elderly people make up to 80% of the senior population. In order to better meet the needs of elderly diet, the said selection event would target elderly foods that were produced using local agricultural ingredients as well as meet the standard of food safety. They are divided into six major categories, namely main course, main dish, soup, drink, dessert, and ready to cook foods. A panel of experts would make its selection based on taste, texture, nutrition and health.

Organize elderly food promotional events to expand market sales

   The COA explained that the entry application is open from June 15 to July 15, 2016 and 10 outstanding elderly-friendly products would be selected through a two-stage selection procedure. After which these 10 winning products can participate in user experience events organized by the FIRDI, where free samples are given out to the elderly in communities, households, and institutions. The FIRDI also conducted surveys at the same time to gather user feedback for further data analyses and provided subsequent sampling analysis report. Moreover, it would help bridge industrial distribution platforms and organize various product marketing and promotion events. Relevant businesses are welcome to join in and be part of the driving force that pushes the Taiwanese elderly-friendly food industry forward. For more details on the event, please visit FIRDI’s official website: under the “Seminars and important events” tab, or contact Ms. Tsai at FIRDI by telephone: (03) 5223191 ext.757.