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Taiwan Produce Fair Held to Expand the Market in Singapore


  In order to boost the exports of Taiwanese agricultural prod-ucts to Singapore and establish the channels to other ASEAN countries in the future, the Council of Agriculture (COA) actively cooperates with its Singaporean counterpart. From July 28 to Au-gust 3 this year, Taiwan Produce Fair was held at the NTUC Fair-Price supermarkets to introduce high-quality fruits and vegeta-bles from Taichung City, Changhua County, Miaoli County, Nantou County and Kaohsiung City to Singaporean consumers. The activi-ty was aim at the expansion of market share of Taiwanese agricul-tural products in Singapore.

  Singapore is one of the founding members of ASEAN coun-tries, with high demand of imported agricultural products, as well as processed food and beverage. The NTUC FairPrice supermarket chain is the largest retailer in Singapore, and it also runs super-markets in Vietnam. In the future, it will broaden the business in other ASEAN member countries and is willing to introduce more Taiwanese agricultural products to other ASEAN member states.

  The organizer of this fair is the New Taipei City Farmers’ As-sociation which is supported by the COA. The New Taipei City Farmers’ Association has selected a variety of seasonal and quali-ty fruits and vegetables throughout Taiwan, including pears, grapes and bitter gourds from Taichung; grapes, golden mush-rooms, black fungus and sweet potatoes from Changhua; pears from Miaoli; bananas from Nantou; guavas from Kaohsiung. All products are packed in small packages before exporting, which facilitate merchandise displays at supermarkets.

  Singapore is an important trade partner of Taiwan. The city and county governments of Taiwan have visited Singapore several times for joining in marketing activities of agricultural products in the past years. This year, the COA coordinates the representa-tives of city and county governments as a delegation to promote Taiwanese premium agricultural products. By doing so, it is ex-pected that the national image can be enhanced and the market share of Taiwanese agricultural products in Singapore can be ex-panded.