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Taiwan's Agro-Technology Businesses Unite to Expand International Market Share


  In order to assist Taiwan’s agro-technology businesses to expand global sales as well as increase the visibility and recognition of Taiwan’s agro-tech products, the Council of Agriculture (COA) gathered 36 enterprises intending to expand their sales overseas this year and would assist them to participate in four major agriculture trade shows in China, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam between August and October. Taking advantage of the positive image that Taiwan Pavilion has garnered over the years, the strategy is to strike as a group which would allow the value of Taiwan's agro-technology to be seen by international buyers. The project is expected to generate NT$ 40 million worth of business opportunities and effectively increase commercial sales overseas.

Exert collective force to expand business opportunities

  The COA stated that quality varieties, excellent cultivation technology, and relevant agricultural equipment industry all contribute to the outstanding quality of Taiwan’s agricultural products. Nevertheless, due to the limited market scale of Taiwan, the abovementioned enterprises saw the need to actively develop the international market. Unfortunately, since most companies address this issue singlehandedly, it is hard to make an impact in the global context. From 2014 to 2015, the COA entrusted the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) to lead 43 companies to participate in large international trade shows in Japan, China, and Thailand. This resulted in 36 dealers / distributors signing contracts with Taiwanese partners, NT$85.32 million worth of investment by agro-businesses, and a total of NT$25.17 million worth of production output. Subsequently, 6 companies including King's Ground Biotech Co., Ltd. and Natural & Healthy Marine Biotech all established their overseas offices as a direct result of having participated in the exhibitions. In order to maintain the visibility and reputation of Taiwan's agro-technology products, this year the COA has organized delegations to participate in Pet Fair Asia in China, AGRI World in Japan, SIMA ASEAN in Thailand, and Vietstock Expo&Forum in Vietnam. A total of 36 companies applied to join the delegations (see attachment for the list of companies), and the Council estimated that 234 dealers / distributors will sign partnership contracts and will generate NT$40 million worth of production output.

Taiwan’s agro-technological strength helps secure business opportunities in Southeast Asia

  The COA further explained that due to the economic growth of ASEAN, the demands for agricultural machinery and safe meat products from the region have increased. According to ATRI's industry analysis report, Thailand is the market that deserves the most attention for Taiwan’s agricultural machinery industry, where sprayer, lawn mower, and cultivator are most competitive. It is expected that in 2018 the market size of sprayers in Thailand will reach US$360 million with an increase rate of 8.4% for the next 5 years. Moreover, the production value of feed additive in Vietnam is around US$167 million, and recently Vietnamese authorities began encouraging the livestock industry to gradually replace antibiotic with probiotic. As far as Taiwan's chemical-free feed additive manufacturers are concerned, this would put their products at a great competitive position. Among the exhibitors, Yun Chuan Peanut Harvester Co., Ltd. showcased the company’s peanut harvest machine which has a market share of over 90% in Taiwan. The said machine is fully automatic and only requires one driver to complete the harvest. Another exhibitor, More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd. established an animal feed formulation platform which offers customized feed formulation for organic mineral synthesis, microorganism fermentation, nutritional formulae design, functional nutrient, among others. The practice goes in line with consumer awareness for food safety around the world.

   The COA announced that registration for a place in the Taiwan Pavilion at 2017 VIV Asia in Thailand takes place in August, and one more international agricultural equipment show will be added to next year’s agenda. For more details, please call ATRI: 03-5185078 (Ms. Hung).