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COA and APAARI Jointly Organized the Expert Consultation on Successful Agri-Food Innovations and the 14th APAARI General Assembly Meeting


  The Council of Agriculture (COA) and the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions ( APAARI) jointly organized the Expert Consultation on Successful Agri-Food Innovations and the 14th APAARI General Assembly Meeting in Taichung City from November 1 to 3. Nearly 90 agriculture organization representatives, government officials and scholars from 20 Asia-Pacific countries including India, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Samoa, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Fiji, Australia, Japan and Taiwan participated in the event. In addition to the relevant issue of agri-food innovation technology, the meeting also discussed about the organizational and operational development of APAARI. The event helps establish agricultural innovative concept exchange and international networking between Taiwan and Asia-Pacific region’s industry, government and academic sectors. Moreover, it also enhances Taiwan's cooperation with APAARI.

  The COA stated that APAARI is a peripheral organization of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) composed of national agricultural research organizations, research institutes, regional organizations, universities, international agricultural research centers, and fund sponsoring groups. Currently there are 21 institutions from 19 member countries including Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Thailand etc. In addition, there are 21 associate, 10 affiliate and 10 reciprocal members. Taiwan joined the APAARI in 1999 represented by the COA, which actively participated in all important meetings of the organization and promoted Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology (APCoAB) to organize biotechnology research activities in the Asia-Pacific region. The Expert Consultation on Successful Agri-Food Innovations and the14th APAARI General Assembly Meeting held this year are the largest and highest level of APAARI events hosted by Taiwan. 

  The COA pointed out that the Expert Consultation on Successful Agri-Food Innovations took place from November 1st to 3rd. Topics of discussion include agri-food innovation technology, policy, partnership establishment, sustainable development of agriculture, capacity building, positive benefits to women and youth participation, and innovative concept building. Taiwan's representatives not only actively shared successful examples of innovative agriculture and related experiences with participating experts and officials but also established platforms for future cooperation. Moreover, field visits to the World Vegetable Center (AVRDC) and Taiwan Orchid Plantation (TOP) enabled representatives of foreign delegation to understand the development of Taiwan’s advanced agricultural technology. Regarding the 14th APAARI General Assembly Meeting that was held on November 3, the organization’s framework and strategy of development were discussed. Taiwan’s representatives actively participated in the meeting and consolidated our role within the APAARI.

  In order to effectively promote the New Southbound Policy, the COA expects to not only share successful agricultural innovations with experts and officials from various countries through this grand event but also maintain a close contact with them to enhance Taiwan's international participation and cooperation with other members.