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ITF Showcases Sweet Seasonal Fruits


  The 2016 Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF) took place from November 4 to 7, 2016, at the Taipei World Trade Center in Hall 1 and 3. The Council of Agriculture (COA) set up "Taiwan Agrotour" and "Agrotour Food and Gift" pavilions focusing on: “fruits”. The Council promoted 36 fruit themed tours and 140 agriculture experience tours. There would also be more than 30 varieties of fruit gifts and delicious food and snacks from 4 Tian-Mama franchise shops. Visitors can also expect to find up to 50% discount on assorted travel products with the chance to win great prizes such as smart phones, farm accommodation vouchers, select souvenirs, etc. Besides, the two pavilions jointly held stamp collection and purchase events in which presents and free goodies are given away. They also offer amazing stage performance shows, interactive games, free gifts, Facebook check-in in exchange of free giveaways, among other fun events.

Seasonal fruit themed tours with discount value price from NT$698 and up

  The COA stated that the "Taiwan Agrotour" Pavilion has selected 36 fruit-picking themed tours which include 26 kinds of characteristic local fruits. Among them, one-day “24-Solar-Terms Fruit theme Tours” package featuring seasonal fruits from different locations is being offered at a great value price of only NT$698. Moreover, with special ITF value price of NT$888 and up, people can easily choose from a variety of year-round seasonal fruit one-day trips, such as “Orange and Flower in Taichung”, “Grape-picking in Hsinshe”, “Falling in Love with Strawberry in Miaoli County’s Dahu Township”, “Jujube Happiness Tour in Yilan”, among others.

  Furthermore, the Taiwan Farms Papago! alliance package tickets cover more than 140 agrotours, and not only would there be great value bargains such as 10 for 1 food vouchers and 5 for 1 farm experience vouchers, but also farm accommodation set of 3 tickets costing NT$5000 and 1 additional free ticket with the purchase of 3 sets. Visitors are also eligible to enter the lucky draw event with accumulative purchase value of over NT$2000 at the "Taiwan Agrotour Pavilion", whose prizes include farm accommodation vouchers and other great value gifts!

Don’t miss out on the chance to try tasty Taiwanese fruits and shop for quality gifts

  The COA added that the renowned culinary expert Tsai Chi-fang was invited by the "Agrotour Food and Gift Pavilion" to teach people how to cook authentic sweet Taiwanese flavor by using fruit ingredients. Four select Tian-Mama restaurants recommended fruit dishes made of persimmon, strawberry, and orange, along with more than 30 different kinds of delicious fruit gifts, such as dried tomato, crispy persimmon chips, mango pudding, pickled melon, blueberry vinegar, black tea plum, kumquat drinks, among others.

  Any visitor with an accumulated purchase value of over NT$500 at the "Agrotour Food and Gift Pavilion" can enter lucky draw event with the chance to win prizes such as farm accommodation vouchers. Moreover, the four Tian-Mama exhibitors even offer more value packages. Before the end of November, visitors who eat or purchase on-line at any Tian-Mama restaurant can enjoy gifts, discounts, and free shipping and handling. For more detailed information on fantastic value giveaways, please check the website Visit Taiwan, Enjoy Farm (

Fun agro-tour is the new tourist hotspot

  The COA emphasized that the various fun, delicious, and great-value agro-tours which attract both foreign and domestic tourists to visit places of production have become a new trend in the tourism market. According to the statistics, currently there are 138 Tian-Mama restaurants, 380 leisure farms, and 79 agricultural leisure areas, which attract over 25 million people every year. The brand image of Taiwan’s agricultural tourism can be gradually established through themed tourists’ participation in experiential agro-tour.