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Visitors at the Japan international Seafood & Technology Expo Were Fascinated with Taiwan’s Premium Aquatic Products Especially Groupers and Tilapia


  In order to boost the export of Taiwan's aquatic products to the Japanese market, the Council of Agriculture (COA) supported the National Fishermen's Association of Taiwan to participate in the 19th Edition of Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) from August 23 to 25 this year. The COA also invited 8 outstanding enterprises to join the Taiwan Pavilion which features groupers and tilapia. Those companies were Tan Hou Ocean Development Co., Ltd., Lijia Green Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Tosei Seafoods Co., Ltd., Lucky Holder Frozen Food Co., Ltd., Fortune Lifer Enterprise Co., Ltd., Niyu Life International Co., Ltd., Just Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Kou Fu International Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. The Pavilion aimed to present the superior quality and build a professional image of Taiwan’s aquatic products, and international buyers and professional visitors would experience the exquisite taste of Taiwan's aqua-products.

Showing the Competitiveness of Taiwan’s Aquaculture

  The COA stated that Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and endowed with abundant fishery resources. Grouper were selected as an attraction item because it is the most prominent aquatic species in Taiwan. Taiwan is a master of grouper breeding technology. Among the 9 kinds of commercially-raised grouper species in the world, Taiwan has 8 species of artificial propagation techniques. The annual production in 2016 was approximately 20,000 metric tons (NT$4.7 billion), taking 20% of the world’s total production. Taiwan's grouper farmers have always abided by the Taiwan Good Agricultural Practice (TGAP) and diverse frozen products have been well developed in recent years.  The quality, nutrition and texture of these frozen products are completely maintained as fresh by quick freezing technology.

  The tilapia is another important export item and certificated by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council-International Standard for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture (ASC-ISRTA), which means that each stage of the supply chain, such as the aquaculture environment, fish breeding, feed system, distribution and processing complies with international health and safety standard. In addition, Taiwanese tilapia is safe and delicate to be served as sashimi (raw fish). Presently, it is exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Korea, Japan, and so on. The production reached 70,000 metric tons in 2016 and it created a value of over NT$3.5 billion.

Endorsed by renowned Japanese chef, Taiwan's aquatic products seek to expand diverse marketing channels

  Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo is one of the leading professional aquatic product exhibitions in the world, which attracted 32,000 visitors in the aquatic product distribution industry and restaurant franchises last year. Visitors from over 25 countries, like the United States, Japan, Korea, Thailand, attended the three-day event. The Expo offered a great opportunity for Taiwan's aquatic products to be seen by the international community. In order to reinforce the promotional effect of Taiwan’s participation in the expo, the COA joined forces with Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan and Taiwan Trade Center Tokyo to invite important Japanese aquatic product importers and media to visit the Taiwan Pavilion, so as to leave positive impression of Taiwan's excellent aquatic products on international buyers and thus lead to concrete business procurement.

  The COA held a press conference for promoting Taiwan’s premium groupers and Tilapia. Taiwan’s groupers and tilapia were endorsed by Chef Naoto Kishimoto, whose name has attached to the one-star Michelin restaurant over the past decade. Chef Kishimoto designed 2 dishes using groupers and tilapia respectively: "Pan-fried grouper with hazelnut cream and red wine vinegar" and "Tilapia vinaigrette with cherry tomatoes and Sherry vinegar". These two dishes represent the delicacy of Taiwan’s aquatic products.

  The COA stated that it would continue to work with fishery groups and aquatic product enterprises to consolidate current markets and expand potential markets by disseminating the concept of "Produced in Taiwan, Safe and Secure" so that domestic and international consumers can enjoy delicious and healthy agricultural and fishery products from Taiwan. 

 Endorsed by renowned Japanese chef Naoto Kishimoto, Taiwan's aquatic products seek to expand diverse marketing channels.
 Endorsed by renowned Japanese chef Naoto Kishimoto, Taiwan's aquatic products seek to expand diverse marketing channels.

Exquisite cuisine prepared on site.
Exquisite cuisine prepared on site.