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Taiwan’s Agricultural Technology Aims to Benefit Asia-Pacific Development


  In order to transform Taiwan into a business platform for agricultural technology and international enterprises, Asian largest exhibition organizer UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch, organized the first Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum which is held in Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from September 28 to 30. The Expo is expected to attract over 200 exhibitors from 16 countries and overseas potential buyers to the show. The Expo’s co-organizer, the Council of Agriculture (COA), set up the Taiwan Agricultural Technology Pavilion showcasing products and posters of 44  technologies from 10 major agricultural technology fields with the hope of expanding business opportunities for Taiwan’s agricultural technology in target countries of the New Southbound Policy. During the three-day exhibition, the organizers also scheduled a series of agricultural, fisheryand livestock seminars with the objective of exploring trend issues such as the industrialization and internationalization of Taiwan’s agricultural technology, business models and talent management of new agriculture, among others.

Global logistics of Taiwan's agricultural technology

  According to the COA, the principal exhibition that the Council put on display in this edition of Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum are 44 successful R&D achievements under the 2014-2017 Agricultural Technology Industry Global Logistics Promotion Program, which include 41 items such as animal vaccine, feed additive, bio-pesticide/fertilizer, diagnosis and testing, ornamental fish and accessories, agriculture machinery, Plant new varieties and seedlings, companion animal medicine/food, facility agriculture among others, and 3 items in the field of industry services and turnkey plant export. Since the Asia-Pacific nations are more likely to engage in agricultural cooperation with Taiwan, the said Expo would serve as a platform for exchange, observation and trading among Asia-Pacific nations. Therefore, the focus of COA's exhibition is based on the market value and technology/merchandise/service as well as on-site guided presentations of the aforementioned items and services. The goal is to secure markets for agricultural technology/merchandise under the New Southbound Policy.

Public-Private sector alliance for international expansion

  The COA stated that the main aim of the Taiwan Agriculture Technology Pavilion is to introduce Taiwan’s agricultural technology/merchandise to the international market. This marks the first time for the technology providing research institution and the technology receiving agri-enterprise to participate jointly in the Expo. The companies promote their merchandises made with technologies transferred by research institutions, thus successfully attracting international buyers. Some outstanding items with great international potential exhibited in this edition are: 1) the  Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae inactivated vaccine manufactured by TA Foong Vaccine & Biotech Co. Ltd. with technology transferred by Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI). The desired immune effect on animals can be achieved with one shoot , making it a pivotal instrument for the development of pig farming industry in tropical areas. 2) the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens PMB01 named “SaviourR” manufactured by Jianon Enterprise Co., Ltd. with technology transferred by Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station. The product is effective in the prevention and control of bacterial wilt that plague solanaceous plants which no chemical has proven effective in the prevention of the said disease up until now, giving the product a very competitive edge internationally. 3) the Dimethomorph Rapid Test Kit manufactured by Taiwan Advance Bio-Pharmaceutical Inc. with technology transferred by Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute. The kit is capable of completing a test in 15 minutes, making it a crucial tool for food safety. 4) the Muskmelon Tainan No. 13 produced by You Chain Agro Biotech Co. Ltd. was licensed by Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station. This variety of Muskmelon is adaptable to facility cultivation and tolerance to heat. It is also immune to root rot disease. 5) the HMD (High temperature Microbiological Decomposition) System developed by TECHS Technology Co., Ltd. with technological support provided by Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station. The system can rapidly decompose materials into fertilizer in just 7 days and occupies merely 100 m2. It is being utilized by poultry farms to process avian manure and has been sold to countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Southbound development

  The COA stated that it follows the Executive Yuan's New Southbound Policy and has already established a New Southbound Policy Agriculture Task Force in charge of enhancing agricultural cooperation and exchange with target nations of the said policy. In order to expand business opportunities for Taiwan's outstanding agricultural equipment and technology within the aforementioned nations, the COA's Taiwan Agriculture Technology Pavilion in the Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum would showcase the strength of Taiwanese enterprises' diversified agricultural technology to Asia-Pacific nations while providing optimal solutions for agricultural development abroad. 

2017 Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum opening ceremony
2017 Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum opening ceremony

Participants of the 2017 Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum
Participants of the 2017 Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum