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COA Completes Pet Clearance Procedure Integration Allowing One-Stop Pet Registration upon Entry into Taiwan


  In order to simplify administrative procedure and facilitate travelers with the import of pets, the Council of Agriculture (COA) begins to offer pet registration services at quarantine offices in airports and seaports since August. The said service is free of charge and eliminates unnecessary paperwork. The implementation of such measures would save pet owners the trip to the nearest pet registration station, and busy pet owners would not be penalized again for forgetting to register or vaccinate their pets.

Take the initiative to complete procedure integration

  The COA stated that thousands of cats and dogs travel through airports, seaports, and other ports of entry. Most of these animals accompany their owners as they work, study, or reside overseas. In the past, in order to prevent major animal diseases, pet owners were required to register their pets at a local animal protection agency once granted entry, in addition to meeting all quarantine regulations. Most owners were found to delay or even forget to complete such process after entry, therefore causing the tracking and monitoring expenses of all local governments to rise. Thus, to simplify procedure and bring convenience to pet owners, the COA offers simultaneous pet registration service to pet owners at all ports of entry when they carry out animal quarantine procedures for their pets.

  The COA pointed out that it has been cooperating closely with border health quarantine agencies in completing pet registration. It has extensively amended the current operation procedures of the pet registration system, and integrated the original Quarantine Requirements for the Importation of Dogs and Cats into the system. Pet owners are no longer required to fill out any application form or submit any document, nor are they required to make any kind of payment. By following the extant operational procedures in effect, it is possible to complete pet registration at any quarantine agency. Simultaneously, the owners can find rabies vaccination information through Pet Registration Information website which offers extra protection in pet health care.

Pet owners save time and money while avoiding penalization

  The COA explains that pets of foreign origin must comply with relevant Taiwanese regulations. According to current regulations, dog owners must complete pet registration, reproduction (or neutering) management, and rabies vaccination, among other requirements. The said simultaneous pet registration service at ports of entry would be carried out accordingly since August, saving precious time and money for pet owners.