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"2021 International Conference on Smart Agriculture" and the New Opportunities for Transformation in the Post-pandemic Era The Innovative Transformation of Traditional Agriculture


The Council of Agriculture (COA) held the "2021 International Conference on Smart Agriculture" on Oct. 26 and 27, inviting experts from the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) as well as Japan and Taiwan's agricultural industry to share their insights on topics related to smart agriculture technology applications and future development trends through both physical and virtual methods. The event also features the online achievements exhibition area on ​​the Smart Agriculture website, which presents the fruitful results of the COA in promoting research and development of smart agricultural technology and their practical applications for the industry since 2017. The organizers hoped that the event can foster joint discussion among the private, public, academic, and research sectors on how to use smart technology to improve production efficiency and quality, develop innovative agricultural business models in the post-pandemic era, and encourage the development of Taiwan's smart agriculture industry.

The COA pointed out that issues such as climate change, demographic changes, food security and food safety, coupled with the continuous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, have brought changes in market consumption patterns. The COA continues to promote digital innovation, transformation and upgrading in agriculture, as well as achieve cross-domain integration through innovative industrial operation methods and technologies such as ICT, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Big data. The COA aims to create an innovative thinking mode for all stages of production, processing, and sales, while employing technologies to assist in the accurate analysis of industry and consumer needs through digitization of information. Moreover, agricultural problems can be solved via intelligent management, and a future supply and demand model for the Taiwanese agricultural market can also be established in order to reach sustainability.

Group photo of participants.

The Council of Agriculture explained that the online international conference presents 4 major themes: "Great Leap Forward of Smart Technology, a New Dawn for Agriculture", "New Post-pandemic Game Rules for the Industry, Ushering in a New Generation of Smart Agriculture", and "Smart Technology Marking New Milestones in the Industry", "Technological Changes Leading to New Applications, and the Re-Evolution of Agricultural Services". Topics include the latest smart agricultural technology applications in agriculture, fishery, and livestock industries, the development trend of smart agriculture in post-pandemic era, together with new domestic and international insights from private-public-academic sectors to discuss how Taiwan can enter the global stage of smart agriculture and find new value for its agriculture.

The COA stated that the two-day event brought together nearly 400 professionals from the private, public, academic, and research sectors. The organizers merged the online international conference on smart agriculture with online exhibition of diversified research and development achievements by leading industries (https://bit. ly/smartagri2021). The COA hopes to combine efforts from all relevant sectors to enhance the value of the industry and change the modus operandi, solve the problems faced by domestic agriculture and respond to the advent of the post-pandemic era, drive agricultural transformation and upgrading, and promote the development of agricultural sustainability in Taiwan through the implementation of cross-domain revolutionary technology.

The conference features both physical and virtual events.