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2021 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan - Connecting to the Precision Health Industry


The 2021 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan is held from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 5th in Nangang International Exhibition Center, Hall 1. The Council of Agriculture (COA) of the Executive Yuan participated in the expo by setting up the Taiwan Agricultural Health Pavilion, showcasing 4 major themes that display bio-agriculture technologies related to medical health. The COA also organized the 2021 Big health industry - Symposium on Agricultural Biotechnology and Functional Application of Agricultural Products event to share the trends and achievements of agricultural biomedicine and high-value processing of agricultural products. The core objective is to promote health and connect the COA’s Green Care policy, ultimately improve Taiwan’s national medical care system.


The COA pointed out that the Executive Yuan has set the focus on precision health, and requires relevant ministries to make advance planning with the goal of making Taiwan an international biomedical innovation and R&D hub. As a member of the precision health ecosystem, the COA has been participating Taiwan Agricultural Health Pavilion continuously in the Expo for the past 5 years. In 2021, the central theme of the Pavilion is "CRO Services - Agricultural Biotechnology Contract Research Organization", which exhibits pre-clinical animal testing, nutrition and health supplement R&D, and various platform integration services, aiming to create common benefits through bio-agriculture and bio-medical industries. Among them, the medium and large sized animal pre-clinical testing platform is the first in Asia that can conduct trials in fully enclosed installations. By utilizing the high-quality and high-safety specific pathogen-free (SPF) pigs for biomedical and pre-clinical animal testing, the testing results helps the upstream and downstream medical equipment industry chain to fulfill the gap and assist manufacturers to obtain permits or certifications for global markets. The platform has become a crucial boost for biotechnology and medical industry R&D in Taiwan. The pavilion also features the theme of "Lohas Therapy", presenting horticultural therapy related technologies such as tropical sundews, wood sorrel terrariums, urban farming, etc., which aims to provide the public with the joy of green farming. The theme of "Functional Healthcare" responds to the trend of health and well-being, exhibiting achievements related to physiological regulation, sleep assistance, and cosmetic repair. Visitors can also find the joint exhibition of 22 companies including Exland Biotechnology, Lemnaceae Fermentation, and IT’S Science Corp. in the "Industry Zone", where they showcase products jointly developed by an industry-academic-research alliance.

Group photo of the deputy minister visiting the Livestock Research Institute

The COA explained that in order to stay with the growth of the big health industry market in the post-pandemic era, the organizers also hold a symposium on agricultural biotechnology and functional application of agricultural products. The event invites 6 companies including: TCI Co., Ltd., ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd., Taiwan Direct Biotechnology Corp., Lemnaceae Fermentation Inc., Fecula Biotech Corp., and Bo Hui Biotech Co., Ltd., and the R&D teams of Providence University and Chiayi University to focus on "cross-discipline integration, health and safety, and industry linkage". Participants shared the industry-academic alliance achievements in biomedicine, biotechnology, functional wellbeing, and food processing; expanding the value created by the joint application of Taiwan's agricultural materials and biomedical health. The Expo attracted more than 110 entrepreneurs, experts, researchers and other professionals to seek novel opportunities for domestic agricultural material applications.

Deputy minister visiting the Expo